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What is a measured building survey?

Floor plans, elevations, sections
…and much more

Without an accurate understanding of your building costly mistakes can easily occur.
Our surveyors use laser scanners to accurately measure every detail of your building in 3D so when your design work is based on our surveys you can always be confident you have all the information you need for a successful project.

What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey is a highly detailed digital version of your building that can be used by architects to understand the existing condition when alterations are to be made. It can show the layout of the rooms and roof in plan, the external and internal elevations, and cross sections through the building . Information relating to surrounding properties can also be shown on the survey. Floor plans typically show doors, windows, staircases, sanitary fittings, fixed furniture, floor levels and ceiling heights. Our surveyors fully measure your building using drones and laser scanners and utilise precise GPS systems to relate your survey to Ordnance Survey co-ordinates. Measured building surveys are most commonly delivered as 2D CAD drawings, 3D Revit models, IFC files and other 3D BIM formats.

How do I get a measured survey of my building?

Email a site plan or Google Earth image marked up to show the full extent of the building you need surveying along with a written description of everything required to
We’ll provide you with a fixed price quotation and estimated timescales to complete and deliver the survey.
Provide us with a written acceptance of our quotation via email. We only have a very limited number of survey dates available, to avoid disappointment send over your acceptance within 5 days of receiving our quotation.
Our surveyors will come out and fully laser scan your building in 3D then return to our office to process the data and create your accurate survey
Once the site work is complete you will be invoiced for the survey
As soon as your payment has been received we will send you your digital survey

Measured Building Surveys we’ve completed for customers like you include:

  • Blackpool Winter Gardens
  • Stands & major buildings at Lord’s Cricket Ground
  • Residential houses
  • Retail parks
  • Heritage buildings
  • Industrial estates
  • Entertainment venues
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Manchester Central Library

Webshare Cloud Service

All our clients now get the benefit of being able to access our easy to use WebshareCloud service to view and take measurements from the laser scans captured for their Measured Building Survey project.

Follow this link to view a sample WebshareCloud project showing the famous Empress Ballroom at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Rooftop building survey at Blackpool Winter Gardens
Measured Building Survey Service
Please call us on 01905 622 495 or email us to request a quote for your measured building survey.