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Reality Capture Meshes

Reality Capture Mesh of historic structures created by combining laser scanned point cloud with drone photography

Accurate photo-realistic 3D models showing every detail for Heritage & Conservation Projects

When you’re working on any conservation project it’s difficult to gain a proper understanding of a structure when all you have is just few photographs and maybe some drawings. We laser scan your project in 3D, combine the point cloud with high resolution photography to create an amazing 3D model – it’s like you have the real world on your computer! Even with no previous experience you can easily measure from your 3D model and view every detail.

Reality Capture technology is now easy to use, affordable and more valuable than an expensive site visit. It saves you time and money on all your projects.

Laser scanned point cloud of a church

The advantages of using a laser scanned & drone photography Reality Capture Mesh for your project:

  • You get the best ever understanding of even very complicated structures.
  • You can see previously inaccessible detail – even on rooftops.
  • You can accurately measure masonry sizes and other features – where ever they are on the building.
  • The safest form of inspection – no need for ladders, scaffolding or access platforms.
  • Accurate drawings or models can be created from the Reality Capture Mesh at any date in the future.
  • Quickly create high detailed images of any part of the building or any view for mark-ups.
  • Save money with reduced site visits, less equipment hire and less drawing time.
  • Save time – fast results, you get your model straightaway.

How do I get a Reality Capture Mesh for my project?

  • Contact us and send over your project details.
  • We’ll give you a fixed price quotation and a timeframe.
  • Send us an email accepting our quotation.
  • Our Reality Capture surveyors will visit your project to scan and photograph it at a time to suit you.
  • On returning to our office the surveyors will process the data they’ve captured and produce your mesh.
  • Your finished Reality Capture Mesh will be emailed across to you along with a link to a free viewing and measuring tool.

Call us now on 01905 622495 to get advice on using a Reality Capture Mesh for your next project.