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Laser Scanning Surveys

3D Laser Scanning Surveys – accurate point clouds for your critical projects.

Point clouds ready for import into CAD and BIM systems.

Without an accurate understanding of your project costly mistakes can easily occur.
Our accurate Laser Scanning Surveys capture every detail in 3D so you always have all the information you need for a successful project.

Laser scanners

The laser scanners we typically use can send out up to a million laser beams a second out to obtain a full 360 degree scan of your site. The resulting “point cloud” contains millions of 3D points which accurately depict the surveyed site and its surroundings in minute detail.

Point Clouds for modelling or as-built checking

Many advanced 3D modelling programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD and Microstation can now import 3D point cloud data. Bury Associates supply point clouds that are accurately registered onto your site coordinate system and pre-formatted for importing directly into your 3D software.

Bury Associates provide laser scanning services to the Architectural, Construction, Industrial, Heritage, Retail and Entertainment sectors throughout the UK and abroad.