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Point Cloud Surveys 3D Laser Scanned Point Clouds

Point Cloud Surveys

Fully detailed point cloud surveys captured using high definition laser scanners. Our survey teams will laser scan your project then supply a fully registered point cloud in any standard formatfor your own use.

Point Clouds

A point cloud consists of many millions (and very often billions) of 3D points usually collected by using a laser scanner, or sometimes from using photographic techniques. File sizes are usually very large - often many Gigabytes in size. They can be brought into AutoCad, Revit, Microstation, and other CAD or BIM software suites and can be used as a reference to create drawings or models from. Each point has an x, y and z coordinate and usually a reflective value (this represents how light or dark the surface is that the point has measured to - imagine a black and white photograph), and sometimes a colour value too.

To handle point clouds well, a powerful computer is required, preferably with at least 16 Gb of RAM. To draw or model effectively from a point cloud additional 3rd party software is usually also used to edit and manipulate the data.

Because of its size a point cloud file is usually delivered to the client on a USB memory drive or via a download link.


We can deliver your point cloud, fully registered and in all major formats.

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