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London Residential Measured Building Surveys Plans, sections and elevations of your building and topographical surveys of gardens

A fast turnaround, high quality service

Having surveyed hundreds of houses and apartments for architects all over London we appreciate how important it is for you to have the highest quality measured surveys, delivered quickly, so you can confidently get on with your design work.
Our many years of experience gained in measuring residential and other buildings gives you a guarantee that you will always get the information your project needs and that you’ll receive the best possible service from us.

We don't just give you a measured building survey

3D Models of your project

If you're working in 3D we supply you with a fully parametric Revit model or a 3D export for AutoCAD, ArchiCAD or Vectorworks

All the information you need

Let us know when you request a quote which plans, elevations and sections you need and to what level of detail you want them drawn or modelled to.  Every quotation includes a copy of our standard specification which outlines what's included in a survey and it will help you chose anything else you might need to help you start work on your project.

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