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Laser Scanning Surveys Laser scan surveys provide accuracy when you need it

Laser scanning surveys

Bury Associates provide laser scanning services to the Architectural, Construction, Industrial, Heritage, Retail and Entertainment sectors throughout the UK and abroad.

Laser scanners

Laser scanners, like the Faro Focus 3D scanners we typically use, send up to a million laser beams a second out from a mirror that rotates vertically at high speed; the main body of the scanner slowly rotates horizontally at the same time to obtain a full 360 degree scan of everything surrounding the scanner up to 330m away.  The result is a "point cloud" with millions of 3D points which accurately depict the surveyed site and its surrounds in minute detail

Point Clouds for modelling or as-built checking

Many advanced 3D modelling programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD and Microstation can now use 3D point cloud data. Bury Associates supply point cloud data that is accurately registered onto your site coordinate system and which is pre-formatted for importing directly into your 3D software.

Survey deliverables

In addition to supplying point cloud data, we produce highly accurate 2D AutoCAD architectural drawings or build 3D Revit Building Information Models from the laser scan data we capture on your site. Many other data/drawing formats can also be provided.

Webshare Cloud Service

All our clients now get the benefit of being able to use Webshare Cloud to view the laser scans of their project and its surroundings. The easy to use interface runs through your normal web browser and allows you to see every detail of your project, create annotations, take floor areas, measure the size of any item or query the height or coordinates of any point - it's a bit like having an interactive Google Streetview for your project! We now include a Webshare Cloud as part of the deliverable for all Laser Scanning Surveys.

Follow this link to view a sample project showing the famous Empress Ballroom at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

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Laser scanning surveying service

Do you need a laser survey carried out?  Please call us on 01905 622 495 or email us to get a quote for your survey.

What is Laser Scanning?