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Land & Topographical Surveys Highly detailed land and topographical surveys showing features, levels and contours

Land & Topographical Surveys

Our surveyors use the latest advances in data gathering technology such as laser scanners, robotic survey instruments and a real time GPS systems to capture Ordnance Survey co-ordinates and levels instantly. Guaranteed accuracy and reliability.

Topographical Surveys showing everything you need

Brief us on your requirements for your topographical survey. Let us know if you need surrounding building heights, road markings or drainage information. A detailed specification document covering exactly what is included in a standard topographical survey is supplied with every quotation.

Land survey projects

Bury Associates carry out topographical surveys on a daily basis and have surveyed a diverse range of sites, including:

Land survey deliverables

Topographical surveys can be processed and delivered as 2D AutoCAD drawings, as 3D Revit Building Information Models or in many other 3D formats.

Land surveying service

Please call us on 01905 622 495 to speak to one of our senior land surveyors now.

What are land surveys?

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