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Drone UAV Surveys & Inspection Drone topographical & building surveys, inspections of roofs and inaccessible structures

Often the most critical information you need is the most difficult to obtain. Our licensed drone team will fly your project and give you a full understanding of its condition without the cost of hiring expensive plant or having scaffolding erected.

Accurate, reliable aerial information - Reality Meshes, Point Clouds, Revit Models, CAD Drawings..

How do I get a drone inspection or survey?

  1. Email a site plan or Google Earth image marked up to show the project you need flying, along with a written description of everything required to [email protected]
  2. We'll provide you with a fixed price quotation and estimated timescales to complete and deliver the survey.
  3. Provide us with a written acceptance of our quotation via email. We only have a very limited number of survey dates available, to avoid disappointment send over your acceptance within 5 days of receiving our quotation.
  4. Our drone team will come out, fly your project, fully photograph it then return to our office to process the data and create your report or survey
  5. Once the site work is complete you will be invoiced for the survey
  6. As soon as your payment has been received we will send you your report or survey

Drone Topographical Surveys

When you need a survey of a large or inaccessible area we can help. Our drone team can map large areas quickly to create accurate digital surveys.

Drone Roof Inspections & Surveys

Roofs - the most important but least accessible part of most buildings. If you're replacing or repairing a roof, or adding structures such as solar panels our drone inspections and surveys will give you accurate measurements and a full understanding of your work area.

Drone Building Surveys

Many buildings have difficult to reach areas that can't be surveyed from ground level and would normally require scaffolding or cherry-pickers to access. You can now get all the information you need thanks to Jaro our very skilled (and CAA licensed) drone pilot and surveyor.

Survey deliverables

In addition to supplying, video, photography, reality meshes & point cloud data from our drone inspections we provide highly accurate 2D AutoCAD architectural drawings or 3D Revit Building Information Models. Many other data/drawing formats can also be provided.

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Drone UAV surveying service

Do you need a drone survey or inspection carried out? Please call us on 01905 622 495 or email us to get a quote for your survey.