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The Oriental Club - Heritage Scan to BIM project

Bury Associates were recently asked by Historic England to contribute a Scan to BIM case study for their new BIM for Heritage guide. We've reproduced our case study for this month's blog; it describes how we laser scanned and modelled the historic Oriental Club in the heart of London and created an incredibly detailed BIM from the point cloud and other 3D spatial information collected by our survey teams.

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Bury Associates complete epic Laser Scan to Revit BIM project in Edinburgh

Bury Associates recently completed their largest ever laser scan to Revit BIM project of the former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Steve Bury describes how the project was carried out and gives a few facts and figures above this huge undertaking.

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Topographical Surveys for BIM - What you need to know

I spoke recently at the Digital Construction Week Show in London on the subject of Topographical Surveys… As-Built BIM for Outside. Okay, not the snappiest of titles but at least most of the audience seemed to stay awake during my delivery! I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the points I brought up which will hopefully give a little bit of guidance to anyone who wants to model complex topography or needs to commission a Revit topographical survey. If you have any comments or want to share your own thoughts on this subject then I’d love to hear from you.

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Laser Scanning for Revit MEP Modelling - a few tips

A few thoughts and tips on laser scanning for Revit MEP Modelling

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Scanning & Modelling an Earthquake hit Historic Building in California

Our partners at 3D Virtual Design Technology were commissioned to laser scan and produce a Revit model of an earthquake hit historic building in Napa, California. Read how Steve went along to help with the scanning and sending the data to our team in Worcester to model.

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